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It’s been six months of hard work, stress, conflict resolution (and sometimes not!), bad weather days, good weather days, early mornings, late nights, sleepless nights…but… it’s also been six Read More

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So we’ve just made it to another birthday month! October 2011 marked our 7th year. So while we’ve been through the ups and downs of infancy, moved into early development, we’re now eager to take Read More

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Fact File

  • Black Rhino 2

    Black Rhino 2

    Scientific Name: Diceros Bicornis

    They have an excellent sense of hearing and they have a very good sense of smell, but have poor eyesight

    Black rhino have two horns, which grow continually from the skin at their base throughout their life

    They are browsers (i.e., they eat trees, bushes and shrubs).

    They can run at 55 km/h, change direction surprisingly quickly. It is impossible to outrun a black rhino (the speed of Olympic 100m sprinters is 40 km/h)

    Protection status: Endangered